Hey there!
My name's Denis, and I help people to create applications for mobiles and the web
I strive to design apps that are friendly for users and effectively solve business problems. I get into the customer's business, try to understand their customers and study their competitors. This is why it's better to connect with me on the earlier stage of your project, when all you have is an idea or concept, so I can help with the rest.
I specialize on applications focused on various tasks, interactions and usability. I won't help with an app that is solely based on rich graphic artefacts and representation, such as landing pages, simple web–sites or e–commerce. I believe my true worth are my ideas and empathy, and not how I push the pixels.
I have designed apps for the following business fields:
• task management
• social networks & events
• medicine & biology
• taxi & transportations
• wine & food
• children entertainment & education
• AR
Want to work together?
Mail me or find me on skype: bleedineer

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