My workflow
Creating & prototyping the ideas
I think that the right design — is a place, where business goals and users needs meet, so there's a long way before pushing the pixels in Sketch. It is a research work that lets me understand client's business, competitors and the market. At the same time I'm trying to comprehend potential users of the product, their intentions, habits and possible use scenarios. 
With this in mind I begin prototyping my ideas, which usually results in wireframes of different fidelities:
Prototypes work better, when you can interact with them. I create interactive prototypes using tools like Marvel and Justinmind. You can click through screens and see them in action:
Visual design
Tell about Sketch and using components and making things responsive. HTML CSS?
I often need to show in–screen animations and transitions. This is when more sophisticated tools like Framer, Principle and Origami come on stage:
I can also prototype more complicated interactions, like these:
Assets for developers
I work closely with developers — to convey design into code without losses I provide them with the following assets:
•Comprehensive style guide (colors, fonts, controls and other patterns)
•Detailed screen metrics
•Icons in vector formats (SVG, PDF) and an icon font for web–projects

Style guide example

So I've sent all needed deliverables, but keep in touch with the project: solving possible issues from the developers and reviewing their builds. 
Want to work together?
Mail me or find me on skype: bleedineer

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